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Culver City Engagement shoot

It’s really all about the dog. That was clear from the beginning, when Evelyn called me regarding an engagement shoot…I would consider this a family portrait since CLEARLY, to Evelyn and Ryan, Max, is not a mere K9…and in so many ways, he was easier to deal with then kids….first of all, it completely acceptable, in fact, required, to bribe him with treats….second, he’s on a leash!!!! a short one!
Obviously my months of workouts have started paying off a since I was able to hike up and down and keep up with Evelyn (turns out she’s a real sport- check out her ABOUT page…) and Ryan and Maxwell…and it was just a walk in the park!
So thank you Sirinya for sending Evelyn and Ryan to me, and mostly, thank you for watching Max when we needed some grown-up time too!

Krystal and Kyle – Malibu Engagement Photography

Krystal and Kyle just recently got engaged – and I was invited to photograph their engagement party in The Hidden Hills in Calabasas- and had actually met them both during their family holiday shoot at the end of last year….but they were just boyfriend-girl friend (did I just say JUST?) Krystal’s family is a very outgoing family oriented, family (is there another word for family?) and the party was the natural thing to do – and I was delighted to be part of it, so of course I suggested I come a little earlier than the guests, and swoop them away (couldn’t go too far with those shoes though) for some “just the two of you” photos – away from everyone, to have a moment to stop, be together, and immortalize (am I being over dramatic?) so we literally took 15 steps, their house is just beyond this white fence) and stepped into this gorgeous light – and got busy… well, they got busy….

Henry and Alex – Malibu Creek State Park Engagement Photography

Henry and Alex are the non traditional couple who are going to have a non-wedding, wedding…but we still got to do  a portraits session – we went to the Malibu Creek State Park for a nice little hike. Since I had shot at this location before, I knew there was an awesome fallen tree, that was just around the bend. No, the next one, no, the next one… no… the next!  We eventually found t, just to find out that Henry doesn’t climb tress, even one that have fallen down… I get it, I don’t blame him! I did some climbing, my camera and camera bag hanging on my neck….I survived that, but ended up falling at the end of the shoot smashing my foot and making me limp for a day, but no real injuries besides my ego… :(( There were many more photos and ou can find them on this slideshow:


Santa Monica Engagement shoot! Nate and Lisa

Nate and Lisa were friends for a while before they started officially dating… you know how it is – boy sees pretty girl at church, girl is not impressed, boy makes her laugh, girl starts thinking boy is cute… and the rest is history! And part of this history is when Nate and Lisa spent a day at Santa Monica Pier, not the day pictured here, but by this bench below….when Nate surprisingly, went down on one knee and popped the question… THE question that we re-enacted below…so it was the natural spot to return to for their engagement shoot….So we met early Friday morning and stayed till the sun was high up in the sky….

Manhattan Beach Wedding – Rhiannon and Michael


If you’re looking for stylish, fashionable hip and friendly (to pets too) hotel to stay at, or for that matter, have your wedding – The Belamar is a great fit ! Mike and Rhiannon fit the bill! and I was there as second shooter for Amanda Doublin. Amanda and I shoot in completely different styles, and it was very interesting to see the blend and mesh of these different points of view. Thanks Amanda for inviting me!