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Bel-Air Bay Club Wedding – Devorah and Reid

I love second shooting for Michael Segal…I’ve worked with him for so many years, even before I got married myself, even before I took a long break to have children, even before I went Digital….so whenever he asks me to second shoot – I usually agree…It also usually means I get some time with details and some time with the guys… I love hanging out with the guys, they’re fun, loud, rowdy, and even though I am assays a little nervous as I knock on their door, by the end of the getting ready time, I know them by name and know way too much about them! So last Friday was no exception…Beach, beautiful location, wonderful wedding planner and gorgeous bride is a recipe for a fund day –¬†Devorah and Reid got married at the Bel Air Bay Club – I have shot there before, and every tim has been a wonderful experience – and a different one. It’s a little like visiting Hogwarts, with different secret corridors revealing themselves with every wedding. Devorah’s and Reid was no exception. I am showing just a ¬†few of them here, and what I will say, is that Devorah’s Marchesa dress was one of the most beautiful I had even seen – Devorah reminded me of Black Swan, but the white one… she was so elegant, and literally looked like she was gliding on air….

Sometimes, when I am really close to the cake, I can smell how yummy it is. I am ALWAYS afraid I’ll trip and fall smack into it!

I couldn’t get enough of this gorgeous ballerina dress… I wanted Devorah to twirl over and over again!

This wedding had a lot of speeches… I personally love the speeches – they always reveal deeper layers of the couple, and also of the speakers themselves… most of the day – The maid of Honor is just that – but during the speech she can be revealed as funny, witty and wicked… this wedding revealed a lot of history, humor and warmth. I loved how Devorah and Reid looked at each other (when they weren’t breaking out in giggles) enjoying their friends’ endless love.

One of my favorites moments is the cutting of the cake – an snot JUST because it signifies the end of the long day… :)) Mainly because over time, over decades, that is the traditional photo that was always taken, even before wedding photography was a hip profession, before there were digital cameras, before weddings were what they are today – before cakes won awards and had their own TV shows… cake cutting is a timeless classic photo of a couple taking their first act as a married couple….it’s just the quintessential wedding photo!

Ad if you ask my opinion. The cake should go nowhere near the bride’s face!



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